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A Gramayan Exhibition


Empowering Farmers, Artisans, Women, Micro

& Small entrepreneurs through ‘From Producer-gate to Consumer-gate’ eco system.

For Registration:


MMRDA Ground, BKC, Bandra, Mumbai.


10th May to 14th May 2024.

Kinkabazar Ek Gramayan

The 2024 exhibition is an extension of our flagship program SWABHIYAN. It is an extension of marketing activities under our division KINKABAZAR.

We undertake threefold activities under KINKABAZAR.

  1. Online e-commerce called

  2. Offline MSDD (Marketing, Sales, Distribution, Delivery) activities using Shop on Wheels & Weekly Kisan Bazar’s

  3. Three to Four exhibitions in metro cities of India per year like the one we are organising now in the month of May,24 @MMRDA, BKC, MUMBAI.

Next proposed exhibitions will be Bangalore, Hyderabad & New Delhi. We are starting this initiative in Mumbai as first one of the proposed 4 in series. All these efforts are to propagate the concept of ‘Producer-gate to Consumer-gate’ amongst consumers & producers. Here consumer gains the knowledge of supplier details, so he is rest assured of the quality he is receiving. At the same time the producer knows if he cannot maintain the quality of products he is producing, then he will lose the consumer & the reputation permanently. In case of grains, groceries & other edible products this is more applicable. Therefore, we invite you all farmers, artisans, women, micro & small entrepreneurs to participate in our upcoming exhibition for your grand success. All the details are given hereunder for everybody’s kind perusal.


  • Highly famous, thickly populated & well-connected venue. Geographically almost center hub of happenings.

  • Separate Open Parking Area 21500 sq. ft.

  • All stall holders, except Mini Stalls become our regd. Vendours for their online & offline Marketing throughout the whole One Year in Mumbai-Pune.

Social media paid advts. Facebook, Instagram, google ad, WA, Twitter, LinkedIn, Online News sites plus organic campaigning.  Celebrity visits every day to get desired crowd & motivate participants. Food Stalls of Multiple Cuisines from Bharat as a One Nation. Real Unity in Diversity. Multiple Conferences conducted by domain experts on their related subjects*** A very nice opportunity to stock whole years grains from different states & directions of Bharat.

  • Total Event Area 43000 Sq. ft. Of AC Hangers,

  • About 400 stalls from Pan India of Farmer Companies, Artisans, Women, Micro & Small Entrepreneurs.

  • All media Advertisement campaign for Footfalls of about 5 to 7 lakhs in 5 days.

  • Brand building & marketing through

Emails, SMS, News sites, Hoardings in & around MMRDA, Mumbai. Mini stalls(2X2), Regular Stalls(2X3), King size stalls((3x3), Pavilions of 18 & 50 sq. mtrs. Pan India FPO’s to sell Certified Organic, Lab. tested Health Booster Cereals, Pulses, Millets. Also branded Open Market Category will be available for sale. National & State level Branded food Products, Multiple states to participate.


  • Farmer producer organisations who want to supply Grains & Grocery products of their members directly to consumers with their own brand & MRP.

  • Organisations selling certified or Lab. Tested or Open market Millets

  • Herbal, Ayurvedic food supplements & other health booster products.

Herbal cosmetics, other beauty products & personality enhancing products. Tribal food products, Art products Hand ground flours A2 ghee Millet-based & other ready to eat & cook products. Indian Cow dung products. Pan India Artisan Stalls of Silk, Cotton, Jute wears & other organic fibers clothing products, Handicrafts-Bamboo, Hand-made papers, 5Metals, Wooden, Leather, Pottery, Paintings etc. Solar & Drones systems, De-composters, Green & Poly Houses, Organic & bio-technology fertilisers, sprays

  • Farmer organisations or their SHG or NGO’s who can supply Certified Organic primary produce or Lab. Tested 0% residue. 0% heavy metal, 0% Uric acid Health booster primary grains.

  • GI tagged grains as primary produce & other GI tagged agricultural produce.

  • Non synthetic based scents, attars, soaps, 

hygiene products. Original Desi grains & bio fortified agri-produce. Cold Pressed Oil Jaggery by non-chemical process, Pickles, Chutneys, Spices, Ready to eat & ready to eat products. Agro-tourism, Nature cure, Medicine less cure, Panchgavya cure Soil testing mini labs, Satellite connectivity, Agriculture Start-ups, Nurseries, Engineering products, Sprinklers, Drip Irrigation, Hydroponics, Kitchen Kheti, Nurseries. Any other products or services connected with the wellbeing of nature. (Humans+Animals+Plants+5 elements)


  • Producer-gate to Consumer-gate,

  • Certified Organic Farming,

  • Re-forestation

  • Role of Agriculture Universities in farmer empowerment.

  • Bio & Nano technologies role in farming

  • Importance of End-to-end Eco system for Agriculture

  • Export opportunities for organic products.

  • Cow based Natural Farming,

  • Carbon Credits

  • Terrace Farming for city Families

  • Panchgavya, Five-elements & Medicine-less treatments for todays major killer diseases. 

  • Role of IoT, Drones, Satellites in Agriculture

  • management & empowerment

Any other subjects can be added or removed with organiser’s permission in advance.



A Gramayan Mumbai 2024, exhibition stall details & its terms & conditions.

General facilities for all stalls. (Pavilion facilities may differ.)


Stall Categories

Mini, Standard, King size & food plaza stalls.

Sponsors will get pavilions as per given categories. Sponsors Logo, Name will be displayed prominently in all our publicity, social & other media. Each sponsor will be given One Hording space between First entry gate & second entry gate.

Entire exhibition event area is Air Conditioned except for a few open pathways in between domes. Common announcement system throughout entire event area. Separate Food Plaza with kitchen & serving area separated. Common sitting area for customers. Each food plaza stall size: 50 sq. ft. Everyday cleaning of event area.


Event Entry Through Registration

Separate registration counters at first entry gate to issue visitors pass for one day. This pass will be verified at the 2nd entry gate & then only the visitor will be allowed entry to the main event area.Mini & Standard Stall owners will be issued maximum 2 passes for entire event. King size will get 4 entry passes. Pavilion owners & 

stall owners will have to give in advance their stall attendants name, Photo, designation & mobile no. to enable us to issue the entry passes in time. Pavilion owners can get sufficient no. of entry passes necessary to function for 5 days.  Security cameras & 24-hour recording for 5 days. Also trained security personals present.


Standard Stall Facilities

Octonorm stall height 8ft., Facia (25cm height) for each stall, one table, two chairs, one power socket, Spotlights (2 to 3 depending on stall size), one Dust bean.

Mini Stall size (2X2) 4 Sq. Mtrs., Standard Stall: (3X2) 6 Sq. Mtrs.

King size stall: (3X3) 9 Sq. Mtrs.

Sponsorship Pavilion – I Area 50 sq. Mtrs, Own design & erection, Pavilion – II Area 18 sq. Mtrs, Own design & erection. Rules for stall owners: Everyday you can stay in your stall up to 9pm. No night stays at event place allowed. Cooking in stalls is not permitted except for those at food plaza kitchen area serving public, No lodging or boarding allowed in the event space,


Booking & Payment Rules

For confirmed stall allotment, every stall owner needs to pay full amount within given time. If full payment not received in time the stall will be canceled & No money will be refunded under any circumstances.

The entire stall amount can be

paid in three installments. 1st payment of Rs.8000.00 as booking amount, 2nd Payment of Rs.25,000.00 within 7 days of 1st payment, 3rd payment of entire balance amount within 15 days of 2nd Payment. Any stall owner paying full 100% amount at booking, gets 5% discount & 15 months online, offline marketing services in Mumbai-Pune instead of regular 12 months.

For booking food plaza stalls same rules of payment & cancelation as above.

Rules of Pavilion booking & cancellation are discussed separately.

All stall owners will be handed their stalls on 9th May,24 evening. They will have to evacuate them by 9pm on 14th May.

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