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What is Farms2Homes?

It’s an absolute farmer empowerment program taking care of all aspects of agriculture. It encompasses everything between “Seeds to the Farmers to Feeds to the Consumers”

This is the new end-to-end eco system being deployed for the empowerment

offarmers. It has multiple sub verticals designed to create a total end to end

sustainable business environment.
This is the second but equally important vertical of our Swabhiyan campaign. This
is beyond direct marketing of agri-produce through It involves
maintaining & assuring quality of agri-produce, from basic farming level to final level of
delivery to consumer’s house. This is achieved through Motivation & Practical training
to farmers. These efforts are supplemented by Monitoring & surveillance system by
use of imaging & spraying drones assisted with the help of satellite imaging services.
Pre-sowing & Pre-harvesting soil testing is also most essential for all these efforts to
gain desired results.

Success of the above Farms2Homes™ process totally depends on the following Sub-verticals.

Empowering Nayaks of Rural India.

  • Creating entrepreneurship & employment in Rural India as owner or implementor of Agri-health center & as Kisan Sathi.

FPC or OPC: 
Farmer or Others
Producer Companies role.

  • Providing volume based economic benefits to individual farmers, artisans as member producer of the organisations, Substantial reduction in Input Cost of production & Highest selling price to the Produce/Product at MRP.

Agri-health Units/Centers:

  • For Farmers within the periphery of 25 to 50 kms. Soil Testing Lab, Drone Services, Satellite imaging etc. To help in disease control & crop insurance claims.

Tech Guru services:

  • Technical Guidance on Soil, Seeds, Fertilisers, Water, Weather, diseases, cropping Pattern etc. by experts at minimum charges

​Farms2Homes is a multi-dimensional end to end eco system which brings in Total Empowerment of Farmers due to following benefits, which no other single platform hasbeen able to achieve.


A. Increased income

due to direct sale to consumers through our e-commerce online system at MRP & removal of entire chain of middlemen.

B. Reduced production cost

(20 to 50%) Due to volume purchases of farm inputs from manufacturers directly by farmers FPCs & adoption of better farming techniques. We play here a role of facilitator. Use of software developed by us in distribution of
these inputs will guarantee the actual reach of it to every farmer member of each FPC. The traceability much needed in exports of surplus agri-production starts here.

C. Robust soil plus crop health achieved

due to geo tagging & Satellite imaging,weather forecast, advance warning of pests & diseases with remedies, crop calendar info. Etc. The Satellite based assistance will be provided to farmers through mobile apps for

  • Satellite-based soil health, (NPK, pH and SoC) per season

  • Satellite-based crop health, (NDVI) precision agriculture crop health monitoring. Every 5th day.

  • Satellite-based (Soil Moisture) to help water management. Every 12th day

  • Crop Calendar helps to plan farming operations

  • Irrigation Scheduling 

  • Weather Forecast daily

  • Pest Forewarning & Diagnosis weekly

  • Farmer KYC providing image of farm land & verification of farm details provided.

  • Actual sowing date & estimated harvest date.

D. Mandatory use of soil testing 

by the concerned FPC for its members, through its own PUSA-STFR based ICAR developed Mini Portable Soil Testing Laboratory; at pre harvesting & post harvesting stages will enable the farmer to know about exact dosages of fertilisers to be used per acre for a specific crop as well as it will record pre & post stages of OC, PH & electrical conductivity. Satellite based reports will be matched with these physically tested samples to arrive at exact reports.

E. Mandatory use of specifically developed mobile app 

to record all expenses of cultivation by each farmer member of SWABHIYAN. Through which he will maintain records of all expenses & incomes pertaining to the specific cultivation as per our given format. It will help him to know his overall expenditure over his actual income of cultivation per acre. This will be authenticated & supported by satellite & drone imaging. It will help the participant farmer to decide on his own, his agri-produce’s selling price. This is possible as it is logically based on P/L account & B/s created by the app.

F. Insurance claims: 

Finally, all of the above systems put together will help him to get 100% of crop insurance claims, if situation so arises. The guarantee of 100% insurance claim arises due to robust fail proof recording & documentation system created by us.


G. Storage facility & pledge financing 

relieves farmer of his immediate cash needs. Maintaining storage of his own crop throughout the year benefits him from variable MRP.

H. Regular training 

on various subjects related to agriculture, finance, marketing etc. provided to empower farmer’s knowledge, which helps him to take informed decision. This will reduce chances of mistakes & their fall out.

I. Organic Natural Farming

Organic Natural Farming is introduced seamlessly to the participant farmer members of Farms2Homes system. In long run heavy dependency on chemical fertilisers & erosion of soil is prevented.  CERT.ORGANIC PRODUCE FETCHES MUCH HIGHER PRICE THAN ANY NORMAL AGRI PRODUCE BASED ON CHEMICAL FERTILISER.

The entire gamut of SWABHIYAN is in reducing dependency of farmers & artisans for their growth, income & over all sustenance; on govt. & other forces which may be inclined to take undue advantages of weaker sections due to their own power position.

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