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Agronomist Farmer
Registration for Farmers

By being a farmer member of our Swabhiyan system, you are joining such a process, which provides permanent economic & educational benefits. It will be empowering your life due to its sustainable agri practices and transparent business values.

You will get following benefits

Your required Farm Inputs (Seeds, Fertilisers, Agri-medicines) at much lower cost i.e. 30 to 50% reduction on their MRPs.

100% purchase of all Grains/Pulses/Millets  by your local cluster which is supported by us.

Guaranteed Crop insurance claims, provided proper documentation asper our guidance.

Drone imaging & Satellite surveillance of crops, advanced weather warning, Advance Disease 

Soil testing at much reduced cost, Preparation of soil health card & recommendation of fertiliser doses.

Medi-claim policy at much reduced cost.

Financial assistance in case of emergencies as per rules through Nidhi Companies & Credit Societies

Expert guidance & training on agri-related multiple subjects.

For Registration
Farmers for SWABHIYAN
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