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It is an online e-commerce portal & proper facilitator to provide Monthly grocery & traditional artisan products, from Producers directly to the consumers removing all levels of middlemen. Under grocery section we have almost 20 categories, out of which 8 are listed as either Certified or Lab tested. All documents of lab reports & certifications are available upfront.

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We believe if every kisan or farmer is organized in a local cluster (a FPC or PC),
should be able to sell at MRP & should not sell at MSP. A step towards the financial
stability of farmers &
 agriculturists is through making them capable of selling at
MRP. To achieve this stage, we have initiated an e-commerce portal platform for
Kisans & Karigars in the name of

Why it is    Required?

Our NGO is engaged in the Empowerment of Farmers/Kisans, Artisans/Karigars, Women, differently abled persons, micro-entrepreneurs, Self-help groups & Consumers. Any such efforts of empowerment will become successful if they are

self-sustainable & it should also involve a scheme for financial stability to its recipients. Such stability is possible if it is built around a system involving end to end business eco system. This type of eco system should involve a definite plan for marketing & sales based on the principle of Producer-gate to Consumer-gate which also can be called as B 2 C type. Or Direct to Consumer i.e., D 2 C type. It facilitates, the actual manufacturers (Micro & SSI), & Producers (Farmers & Artisans) to make direct sale to consumers of their produce. This enables the producers & manufacturers to gain financially as they fetch final selling price through Online Retail Sales. In this system there is no role for any middlemen, merchants or capitalists mind set.

Who is
the Owner?

The owner of is registered as section 8, NON-PROFIT-MAKING COMPANY. This is a NGO registered as SHRI VISHWA SAMARTH VILLAGE FOUNDATION, we are registered with GOI-MCA, GOI MSME, GOI-NITI AYOG & GOI- DOT. This NGO is working tirelessly for empowerment of villages.

What will be the achievements of
these efforts?

The main achievement of this portal will be making farmers independent of any present agri produce selling system, as it is not based on Producer gate to Consumer gate concept. Only our D2C or direct online

selling ideology will bring in proper & final value of their products directly in their hands. It will also give Value for Money to the buyers. All purchases here will directly benefit the Farmer members of the FPC. This is the reason we have created a direct selling platform for farmer & artisan companies called

Can it be  Successful?

Yes, it will be due to its specialty, its principles, ownership & out box thinking.

First, it is a direct link between all producers & their consumers. In India Booking & buying of any commodity & services Online has gained greatest popularity. In big or small cities, it has become a part of life routine. Second, though we are latest entrants in this field; our research of last seven years, 45 years of deep experience of consumer marketing, strong desire to give back to the society coupled with absence of WILL for personal gains has helped us to design a unique SELF-LESS system different than other profit-making online e-commerce platform. For farmers (through their own FPC or Section 8 company) as suppliers you can call it as ‘From seeds to farmers to feeds to consumers’. In this entire cycle of online of (Marketing, Sales, Distribution & Delivery) i.e., MSDD, like other online portals, profiteering for personal gains, creating maximum profit under any condition & any how is not our motive.


What is it's SPECIALTY?

First, Kinkabazar functions as a virtual MSDD (Marketing, Sales, Distribution & Delivery) department of all Agriculturists, Farmers, Artisans & Micro + Small Manufacturers of India. It’s a D2C platform. Here any producer as a vendour will be selling his own produce under own brand & own selling price, without any worry & investment on MSDD.

We have created an everlasting end to end eco system (of which is one vertical) to continuously benefit the producer-vendours & their consumers directly.


Second, the direct sale by these producers helps their consumers on few counts.

  1. Fare price

  2. Assured quality (Certified 8 categories)

  3. Confirmed origin

  4. Farmer-producer is supplier so minimum chances of adulteration.

  5. Entire range of grocery & artisan products available under one roof. One families all monthly needs will be available on this portal.

Naturally each consumer gets Value for Money & satisfaction.

Towards maintaining the authenticity & transparency in quality being supplied, Kinkabazar publishes batchwise test reports of those products, which are available in certified & tested category.


Third, From consumer point of view his money spent on buying these products goes directly to the farmers as the agriculture producer.


Fourth, a linkage & bonding is created between the consumer & the producer without any outside influence.


Fifth, On all agri-producer farmers & artisans of any village, through their own FPC or PC will sale their produce throughout the year to consumers in the city at actual MRP. This removes all the middlemen, agents & intermediaries, who till date are immensely benefitted because of the un-organised nature of farmer community & lack of their business management skills. Our above-named portal actually stands apart from all other e-commerce platforms as it is built to bring in maximum financial gains to the producer suppliers & not to the portal facilitators.

Initially we are focusing on Grains & Grocery produce which is most essential for any human life.

kinkabazar Categories

Available Categories on

Nutritional value certificate is mandatory for each category.

हिंदी के लिए 

1. Certified organic agri-products (Cereals, Pulses, Millets,)

Government Certified Organic Category (NPOP Certified + FSSAI)

Every batch of Primary produce such as Cereals, Pulses, Millets, etc. are all laboratory tested with following test reports (either one or all) A. 0% residue + B. Heavy metals presence as per norms + C. Quality testing as explained in Note bellow + D. contamination free crops i.e., 0% presence of harmful fungus. 1. Tested 0% residue primary agri-products. Lab. Report only A. 2. Wellness Booster Pure primary agri-produce with all A to D reports. 3. Tribal Area Primary Agri-Products & Value added products. with all A to D reports. 4. Naturally produced Primary Agri-Products with all A to D reports. 5. Exotic Varieties of Primary produce (Desi & foreign) with all A to D reports. 6. Herbal food & edible products, with all A to D reports. 7. Jaggery Powder + Lumps with lab. Reports B, C & D 8. Edible filtered Non refined Oils, Non-Chemical process with lab reports B, C & D

Laboratory tested primary produce + FSSAI

1. All variety Grains & Grocery products. (Cereals, Pulses, Millets, Jaggery, Edible Oils).

Primary produce, No Lab. Test, Only FSSAI licensed

1. All types of Spices & Pickles. 2. Ready to eat 3. Ready to cook food products. 4. Indian Cow based products, Billona A2 Ghee, & other edible product

Value added Food products FSSAI licensed

1. Indian Cow dung based products like incense sticks, paints, tree pots. 2. Herbal Cosmetics & hygiene products. 3. Home cleaning products. 4. Products for Worship/Puja etc. 5. Other domestic essential non-food products.

Non-Edible Products but registered with respective authorities

1. Consumers choice 2. Monthly Special offer products

Monthly Special Categories

1. Full range of Grains & Grocery produce with own standards

State & National Brands (Currently engaged in empowerment of farmers)

Note on the laboratory test of primary/essential Agri produce.

Actually, Only Cereals, Pulses & Millets are considered as primary produce, but we have included test reports of Jaggery & Filtered Non-Refined Edible oil from consumers point of view.

A. 0% residue,
B. Heavy metals presence as per norms,
C. Quality test report as explained in Note bellow,
D. contamination free crops i.e., 0% presence of harmful fungus.

A.   Zero % residues, about 213 residue tests should be totally ZERO PERCENTAGE

B.   Zero % Heavy Metals present, following heavy metals should be bellow allowed limits By central                govt. They are : Lead, Copper, Arsenic, Tin, Cadmium, Mercury, Methyl Mercury etc.

C.   Zero% contamination: Free of Aflatoxin, A1, A2, G1, G2 (Harmful Fungus)

D.  Quality test report :

      1. Uric acid, Ash, Moisture, foreign material, broken particles etc. (All grains, Pulses, Millets etc.)
      2.  Free from dirt, filth, Iron filings, No added coloring & extraneous matter, Moisture, Sucrose,                           Melamine (Jaggery Lumps & Powder)
      3. Rancidity, Suspended or other foreign matter, separated water, added colouring, Added flavouring           substance, Mineral Oil, Refractive index, Saponification Value, Iodine Value, Unsaponifiable matter,           Acid value, Argemone oil, Peroxide value, Hexane,   Total polar compound (All edible oils)

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