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About Swabhiyan

It’s a Multi-faceted, multi-pillared, end to end System Process to achieve empowerment of Farmers, Artisans, Micro & Small entrepreneurs.

Our Initiative for ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT,  A SWABHIYAN Campaign!

4 Pillars of Swabhiyan

Multiple Verticles of Swabhiyan:


An e-commerce platform based on the principle of producer-gate to consumer-gate.

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Providing complete end to end eco business system

Education & Broadcasting

Online degrees of UGC & NAAC approved universities as per govt. of

India notification.

Various related latest Information’s & current news about Trends in

Agriculture and others

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Financial Freedom

Loans to needy members from Nidhi companies or

Co-op sector, NBFC & Banks as per their terms & conditions, Central Govt. schemes etc. Mediclaim & other related insurances not covered by our Farms2Homes vertical.

  • Our NGO is engaged in the Empowerment of Farmers/Kisans, Artisans/Karigars, Women, differently abled persons, micro-entrepreneurs, Self-help groups & Consumers. Any such efforts of empowerment will become successful if they are sustainable & involves financial stability to its recipients.  

  • Financial stability & long-term sustainability is possible if it is built around a system involving end to end solutions in it. To remain successful for a long run, this type of eco system needs a proper process in place, which should encompass & be effective from procurement of raw material required by the producers to marketing & sales of their finished products directly to their consumers. It must involve full traceability & quality control. This entire process should function cohesively without any present-day system of middlemen & agents.  

  • This end-to-end business eco system for its beneficiaries, is initiated, designed, created & executed by our Non-Profit Organisation which is also a social enterprise. We are providing a much-needed self-less apex body to create, control & execute such system. We will act as a supreme manager without seeking any net profits to us. Though operational income is a must to maintain self-sustainability of such system.

  • We felt that, such an end to end system must be based on the principle of ‘From Producer-gate, to Direct Consumer-gate’ Or (D 2 C) facility. It is aimed at permanently empowering BOTH ends of business system, on one hand are the producers & on other hand are their Consumers.

  • Towards this we have created a unique system called ‘Swabhiyan’ which we are implementing selflessly throughout India.

Our Flagship Program


This system instils self-esteem, self-pride & self-sufficiency   amongst its beneficiary participants. So, for them it is called as SWA ka ABHIYAN or SWABHIYAN

SWABHIYAN is a social empowerment platform aimed at permanently changing for better, the lives of Kisans (farmers), Karigars (Artisans), Women entrepreneurs, SHG, Micro-entrepreneur, differently abled Persons & economically backward Sections of Society & benefitting the last man at the end of the system. It’s a multi-dimensional platform which not only enhances the guaranteed income but also raises the knowledge 

& spiritual base of its recipients. The beneficiary participants learn the importance of the Art of Co-existence not only with their peers but also with the nature sublime. The entire gamut of SWABHIYAN is in reducing dependency on govt. & other entities of farmers, artisans & other producers/mfg. for their empowerment & over all sustenance. Once this is achieved they will become capable to be SWATANTRA from ECONOMICAL DEPENDENCY & will be on their own feet. To start with our SWABHIYAN system will focus initially cluster-based production of Pure, Un-adulterated, Lab. tested & Certified Grains & Grocery produces. These will be aggregated & supplied by FPCs directly to city consumers without having any middlemen or agents. We have created our own e-commerce platform for this purpose under Swabhiyan. Therefore, we have focused on Farmers i.e., KISANS of India. For them we have created an innovative system based on above objectives called ‘Farms2Homes’. This is also a major vertical of our SWABHIYAN campaign which will change present day agriculture production & selling practices permanently. Currently this eco system we are applying to grains, pulses & other grocery items. We will be trying our best to educate & guide these farmers to produce most healthy & pure quality of Grains (Cereals, Pulses, Millets, Jaggery & Edible oils etc) for human consumption. Below are the details & explanations regarding various laboratory reports applicable under multiple categories for Wellness & Health of Consumers. Every batch of Primary produce such as Cereals, Pulses, Millets, etc. are laboratory tested with following test reports: *** (either one or all) A. 0% residue + B. Heavy metals presence as per norms + C. Quality testing as explained on our web site, + D. contamination free crops i.e., 0% of harmful fungus. We will be doing our best, sincere efforts to make available above quality Grains, Jaggery & edible oils through our own e-commerce platform called We were blessed & lucky enough to have it launched at the gracious hands of Mr. Nitin ji Gadkari, Union Minister of Road & Highway Transport in Nagpur on 24th November,2023 at Gondkhairy, RCONF. Any farmer, who wants to get all benefits out of our SWABHIYAN PROGRAM will have to become a member of a local FPC, which will be notified & exclusively supported by us through out. This is necessary to achieve cluster development of the local farmers. The farmer members of SWABHIYAN through their local FPC will get following benefits permanently. Initially in the very first year this FPC should be successful to get minimum 500 farmers as their members with at least 1000 acres of aggregated farmland. By end of third year, they should be able to raise membership to 1000 & farmland aggregation to 2000 acres.

Flagship Program

SWABHIYAN Benefits to Its

Farmer Members

A. Essential agri-inputs are provided at much lower cost (30 to 50% less on their MRP) due to volume purchase by their FPC, (Seeds, Fertilisers & agri-medicines) all from branded producer manufacturers.

B. FPC to purchase all 100% of agri-produce under grains, pulses & millets category from its members, for whom inputs are supplied at reduced cost as in point no.1 above. This is possible due to our support & our Farms2Homes vertical.

C. All the agri-produce of the member farmers, will be aggregated, collected, processed by their respective FPC. It will be sold under FPC’s brand name in consumer packings on our e-commerce portal, which is ready to start operations. Its quality will be tested & determined by

the lab reports per batch. Farmers will be ultimately selling directly to city consumers with their own brand & MRP. D. Guarantee of crop insurance claims, if proper documentation & records are maintained under our guidance with the help of satellite & drones imaging. E.Drone & satellite imaging also to help in monitoring of crops, advance warnings on weather & Diseases. Expert guidance on disease eradication & control by experts at a affordable price. F.Soil testing & health card of each acre, at very low cost & in 24 hours. Fertiliser doses recommendations as per crops. G.Regular training & guidance by respective experts on multiple agriculture related subjects. H.Financial help in emergency in collaboration with Banks, Nidhi companies, Co-op. credit societies etc. I. Mediclaim insurance at a reduced cost. To achieve best results from our SWABHIYAN PROGRAM, we have agriculture scientist, professionals & technology experts. These will be paid depending on the results they may achieve. We are also creating an independent talent pool for this purpose.

Farmer Benefits

SWABHIYAN (Kinkabazar+Farms2Homes) Benefits its 

Consumers on Many Counts.

They are:

​1.    Under One roof of all primary produce such as cereals, pulses, millets & jaggery, edible oils will be available directly from Kisan / Farmer companies, so minimum or zero chances of adulteration.

2.    Exotic, special, geographically tagged, rich in nutrition contents, Indian origin primary produce across India made available on our Kinkabazar portal.  For example Rice varieties such as Kalanamak of U.P., White Thai Jasmeen from Thailand, Mujubuddin from Kashmir, Govindbhog from Odisha, Basmati from Harayana & Uttarakhand, Indrayani of Maharashtra. Wheats like Bansi, Khapali, Sonamoti, Lokvan, Sarbati etc.

3. All Certified & Wellness Buster primary produce are certified by respective authorities, per batch or NABL approved laboratory tested for presence of Residues, Heavy Metals, Ash, Uric acid, Fungus, third party material. These batchwise reports are available for our consumers to see. 4. All batchwise lab. tested Primary produce will be vacuum or nitrogen packed to enhance shelf life up to 1 year. 5. Every pack will carry the Farmer Producer company Name, Address, Packing Date, FSSAI no. etc. This will help the consumer to connect directly to the specific location of cultivation. 6. This motivates the farmer members of respective FPC to focus on producing more of a quality, toxin less agri-produce as there will be a definite market for their produce. 7. Eventually it will guarantee the consumers, supply of the pure, clean, toxin free variety of agri-produce. The consumer gets Value for Money. 8. Committed consumer base is created for farmers FPCs, thereby removing capitalist traders, agents & middlemen. This benefits the farmer as producer & consumer as end user on price front. 9. An extraordinary exclusive online e-commerce marketing portal dedicated to strengthening of Indian village economy. 10. Very strict verification system for enrolling vendors. 11. Auto pilot system for quality control & supply. 12. Availability of wide spectrum products belonging to Indian agriculture & village artisans from across pan India. 13. You will find a real unity in diversity, a basic principle of Indian nation formation through the presence of wide spectrum of primary produce across India. 14. Off line after sales support with possible introduction of franchisee model to accomplish fastest delivery time. 15. Application of principle of SWADESHI by promoting ONLY Make in India value added products. 16. Dedicated to VOCAL FOR LOCAL. We promote local farmers clusters. 17. Qualitative & quantitative contribution to ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT .

Consumer Benefit
Algae Farm

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