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Our Charter

To bring self-reliance to unprivileged.

Our organization is a Non-Profit Organisation, registered under section 8 of MCA act of 2013/14 as a social enterprise NGO. It means, profit for the directors or shareholders is strictly prohibited under this section. This shows the mindset of its directors and shareholders, is not capitalist or motivated towards personal gains or benefits. Our organization is founded on this underlying principle.

This Section 8 non-profit organization has been established as a social
enterprise. Whose sole objective is to bring in economic, educational and
social, i.e., Total Empowerment in the lives of farmers, artisans, tribals,
women, micro and small entrepreneurs at all India level resulting into complete
empowerment of Indian villages with the help of direct consumers of their produce.
Towards this, we have created our Swabhiyan project system of
empowerment, which we are implementing selflessly.
This empowerment process, we strive to achieve it through following objectives.

Our Objectives

To bring self-reliance to the unprivileged.

To work, act, engage & do all possible activities as allowed within the state & central govt. framework, their rules, regulations parameters for the Empowerment of Unprivileged Producers such as farmers, rural artisans, tribal population, agriculturists, micro, small & cottage industry entrepreneurs, women, self‐help groups, differently abled persons, economically weaker sections & also their consumers. These activities are focused on creating sustainable empowerment amongst these sections of society by continuous enrichment in their Knowledge, imbibing entrepreneurship spirit, perpetual economic growth leading to rise in social standing. This will help them to become ATMANIRBHAR permanently.

To create Value for Money environment for consumers.

To achieve consumer’s empowerment through availability of Guaranteed Best Quality Certified Produce at cost competitive pricing, longer shelf life, ease of availability, allowing Value for Money satisfaction.

Create GAP awareness & imbibe importance of quality produce

To promote Good Agricultural Practices amongst farmers & agriculturists, this will motivate them to produce best quality agri‐produce resulting into permanent market of end user consumers with better pricing, leading to empowerment of both; Producers & Consumers. To promote toxin less agri‐produce cultivation by adopting multiple methods of natural & organic farming with the help of an end-to-end business eco system I farming, agriculture

Ease of education for upliftment &  enhancing knowledge empowerment

To employ & create all possible means for knowledge‐based empowerment of villagers. To make available Online degree courses of govt. recognised universities in all possible branches of education including skills based trainings & courses to all needy masses. The online degree education of recognised universities will enable rural students to remain with their families & still peruse their regular vocation. This will reduce the financial burden on their families, which would have occurred, had they gone to cities & collages to attain their degrees. To supplement this objective above, follow suit & activities which will result in continuous enrichment of Knowledge by arranging & conducting proactive debates, conferences, events, exhibitions, study tours, awards, certificate & private diploma courses to imbibe entrepreneur spirit with skills & muti domain knowledge into tribal, rural & urban citizens.

Environment protection

To do, promote all possible activities for environment protection through forestation, natural organic farming, society & tribal forests, water conservation, reduction of all such gases which are & will harm ozone cover.

To create Volume-based economy system.

To achieve worldwide growth of Farmers, Artisans, Women, Agriculturists, Tribal& Micro & SSI entrepreneurs etc. by implementing volume-based end to end business eco system, as a total solution to the perpetual empowerment of Indian villages based on the principle of zero intermediaries which will fetch rightful better pricing & values to the producers; thereby causing continuous improvement in their Social, Educational & Economic status.

Create an e-commerce Platform with selfless ownership.

To create, manage & run successfully an entire e commerce facility & worldwide network, taking care of (MSDD) i.e., Marketing, Sales, Distribution & Delivery, directly to consumers, operating on the principle of ‘From Producer-gate Direct to Consumer-gate’

To act as a nodal & implementing agency for promotion of all NGO objectives

To apply, enlist & work as a Nodal or Implementing agency of various central, state & Local government departments for their multiple schemes created to bring in empowerment of rural & urban citizens.

Promote R & D, think tanks & adoption of modern technologies

To promote & create R. & D. centers, committees, think tanks, for engaging modern technologies like sensors, drones, surveillance systems, satellites, geo tagging, robots, AI plus many others facilities in the areas of M.S.M.E. manufacturing processes, traditional artisans’ processes, water management, diseases control & advanced warning of calamities, agriculture, farming, horticulture, natural & organic agriculture, grains processing including but not limited to only cereals, pulses, millets, minor millets, minor cereals, horticulture crops, sugar cane, edible oils, vegetables, fruits etc.

Profits to further the causes of NGO charter

The profits, if any, or other. income and property of the company, whensoever derived, shall be applied, solely for the promotion of its objects as set forth in this charter. No portion of the profits, other income or property aforesaid shall be paid or transferred, directly or indirectly, by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise by way of profit, to persons who, at any time are, or have been, members of the company or to any one or more of them or to any personsclaiming through any one or more of them.

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