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We have 12A, 80G & Darpan Registration with Niti Ayog

Farmer Producer co.

Ours is a Section 8 NGO, so for the board of directors or shareholders there is no room for individual gains & profits. Hence total detachment from capitalist mind set  is already built in the structure of Board of Management. Naturally we are implementing our Swabhiyan Concept selflessly. 


To get best results out of SWABHIYAN PLATFORM, we are involving participation of Agricultural Crop Scientists & Technology professionals where they will get remuneration as per the results achieved. FPC’s are involved for connecting farmers through ENRI PROGRAM.


To achieve success seamlessly implementation of SWABHIYAN through all its verticals simultaneously  is necessary. We are planning overall 5 model centers in different parts of the country with each center’s outlay of  Rs.10+32+400 lakhs in respective 3 stages. Once these starts operating they will be self reliant & sustainable. Therefore we are inviting investments & donations from patrons in support of 5000 farmers benefitting 50000 consumers. ProjectWise cases possible. 


To know more please register here. We will send detail broacher & fix a video call. 

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Cotton Plant

Shri Vishwa Samartha Village Foundation, Pune

CIN: U85300PN2022NPL216181

License: 139932

UDYAM: MH-26-0379879

12A: ABJCS7517FE20221

80G: ABJCS7517FE20221

Niti Aayog Darpan: MH/2023/0335256 

For donation please scan below QR code for UPI transfer.

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